Our Technology

AR365 Game Engine

We have our own game engine featured with OpenGL 3D graphics, UI system and physics operations. The engine has been ported to Windows, Linux, and mobile platforms. The engine is capable of handling 3D operations from basic 3D model loading, skeleton animations to advanced physics functions.

Graphics Features
  • Scene Graph ( Manage multiple scene graphs)
  • Camera System
  • Loading 3D models and Skeleton Animations
  • Physics powered Particle System
  • GLSL Shaders, Graphics Effect

  • In build functions to create primitive types (Box, Cylinder, sky box, etc...) Input Handler (KeyBoard and Mouse)

    Physics Features
  • Collision Detection
  • Create convex mesh, Triangle mesh
  • Create custom material
  • GUI Features
  • Support Rendering 2D Buttons (Rectangular, Circle and custom shapes) and Images
  • Support maintain multiple layouts, keep separate texture mapping
  • Event Handling, bind custom callback function, effects
  • Other
    Engine support maintaining different states (Menu State, Option State, Game State) with enter, pause, resume, restart

    AR365 RIR Server

    Our own Rich Image Recognition algorithm developed with well-known natural feature tracking mechanism and it is capable of accurately recognizing objects and images. This does not require to modify the image with attaching additional marker, AR tag or QR code. Instead it can recognize the original surface. Our R & D team continuously working to enhancing the algorithms.

    Initially we do training images by taking picture, extract natural feature pattern and and upload to the server. At the server this image pattern would save in the database.
    Later can recognize this image by taking picture extract feature pattern and upload the to the server. At the server this pattern would compare against the patterns in the database and if match found return the result back to client. The client can be from either mobile or desktop.